Product CodeCat No. SUC89831
Low Vacuum / Low Flow Suction Regulator


    • Vacuum Range 0 to -22 kPa [0 to -165 mmHg]
    • Flow 8 litre/minute
    • Suitable for low vacuum low flow care applications
    • Sensitive large diaphragm regulation ensures patient is protected from major variations in line pressure
    • Quick operating color-coded On/Off button with clear I/O markings
      Allows quick restoration of previous vacuum setting
    • Dual scale gauge fitted with silicone cover for protection against accidental knocks
    • Quick fit 50 mL trap jar with bayonet attachment, with optional built-in bacterial filter
      Positive overflow shut-off protects regulator and pipeline system
    • Continuous operation
    • Durable techno-polymer construction
    • Ergonomic vacuum adjustment
    • Spare parts and service kits available